Light-Curable Adhesives and Coatings for Industrial Assembly Applications

Dymax adhesives are designed to rapidly bond glass, metal, and plastic substrates upon exposure to UV/Visible light, while providing design engineers with tools to dramatically improve manufacturing efficiency and reduce costs. Dymax solvent-free adhesives are environmentally friendly, RoHS compliant, and meet the demands of challenging applications in a variety of markets. They provide significant manufacturing advantages including reduced labor and assembly costs, improved in-line inspection with fluorescing grades, reduced WIP, shorter cycle times, fewer assembly stations, and elimination of ovens and racking.

Product Highlight

Multi-Cure® 9451 Black Conformal Coating

Our new Multi-Cure® 9451 is a true black conformal coating developed specifically for this purpose. Like a typical conformal coating it improves circuit reliability in harsh conditions, but it also has the added benefit of being able to mask markings, labels, sensitive information, and other identification on the circuit board. This coating can be applied and cured up to 5 mils thick in one pass but can be dispensed in multiple passes if a thicker coating is required. Learn more...

Technical Assistance

Adhesive selection, process development, and product validation are critical to the success of any manufacturing process. We are dedicated to helping you find the correct adhesive and appropriate dispensing and curing equipment for your application. Application engineers are available to assist you with product and process design, testing, evaluation, and pre-production trials.

UV/Visible & LED Light-Curable Adhesives & Coatings

Industrial Bonding Medical-Grade Adhesives Electronics Adhesives SpeedMask Masking Resins

Industrial Adhesives

Light-curable adhesives for bonding glass, plastic, metal, and ceramic.

Medical-Grade Adhesives & Coatings

A line of light-curable adhesives for catheter and needle bonding, coatings for medical micro-circuits, and multi-purpose adhesives for disposable medical device assembly.

Materials for Electronics Assembly

Materials for bonding, encapsulating, potting, and conformal coating printed circuit boards and electrical components.

SpeedMask® Masking Materials

Light-curable temporary masks that provide reliable protection during surface finishing and preparation operations for metal, glass, and some plastics.

FIP/CIP Gasket Optical Adhesives Light-Curable Dome Coatings See-Cure Technology

Form-in-Place/Cure-in-Place Gaskets

Gasketing resins for sealing against moisture, sound, and vibration.

Optical Adhesives

OP-series light-curable adhesives for lens and fiber optic bonding.

Light-Curable Coatings

Coatings used to cover the surface of substrates or components to protect them from destructive or environmental elements.

New Technologies

Innovative light-curing technologies like Dymax's patented See-Cure & Ultra-Red™ technologies that optimize the assembly process for better efficiency.