UV Light-Curing Systems - Spot Lamps, Flood Lamps, Focused Beam Lamps, Conveyor Systems, and Accessories

Dymax offers a wide range of curing equipment including various spot, flood, and conveyor curing systems, as well as radiometers and other accessories. Since Dymax designs and manufactures its own curing systems, they are optimized to work with our adhesives, coatings, gaskets, and maskants to gain process efficiencies by targeting rapid surface curing, depth of cure, and speed of cure. All while delivering light in a rapid and economical way. CE marked equipment is available.

Product Highlight

BlueWave® QX4™ LED Spot Cure System

The BlueWave® QX4™ is a high-intensity spot-curing system, featuring all the benefits of LED-curing technology in a small and versatile unit. The system is comprised of a controller and up to four LED heads which are available in 365, 385, and 405 nm and can be outfitted with 3-, 5-, or 8-mm diameter focusing lenses. The LED heads and focusing lenses can be used in any combination and can be controlled through the system's variable mode, a feature that allows each head to be individually programmed for intensity and cycle times. Individual exposure times and intensity settings can be set in 1% increments for each LED head, giving users maximum curing flexibility. Learn more...

Technical Assistance

Adhesive selection, process development, and product validation are critical to the success of any manufacturing process. We are dedicated to helping you find the correct adhesive and appropriate dispensing and curing equipment for your application. Application engineers are available to assist you with product and process design, testing, evaluation, and pre-production trials.

Light-Curing Systems

Spot Cure Systems Flood Lamp Systems Light-Curing Conveyors Radiometers

Spot Cure Systems

Spot-cure lamps provide a wide variety of methods to deliver curing energy to a very precise location. They can be used manually by an operator or incorporated into a high-speed automated assembly line. These light-curing units are available in UV, visible, or LED models and are ideal for R&D laboratory environments as well as low- and high-volume production applications where small area cures are needed.

Flood Lamp Systems

Static flood-lamp systems are suited for area curing or for curing multiple assemblies. Dymax offers UV models which use moderate- to high-intensity, multi-spectrum UV/Visible light and LED models that use light-emitting diodes for fast curing. Dymax flood lamps can be easily integrated into existing manufacturing processes by mounting the lamps above high-speed assembly lines to achieve rapid cures. Accessories such as shutter assemblies, mounting stands, and shields are available to create a custom curing system.

Light-Curing Conveyors

Conveyor systems consist of a moving belt that passes through a chamber area containing multi-spectral lamps mounted above and/or on each side for fast curing of parts. These conveyor systems are designed to offer consistent, fast, and safe curing. They can be outfitted with standard metal halide (longwave UV), mercury (shortwave UV), or visible bulbs. Consistent belt transport speed, adjustable lamp height, and stable lamp intensity provide a consistent light-curing process for repeatable process and optimized throughput.


Measurement of the lamp intensity and dosage is critical to the successful implementation of light-curing technology. Dymax radiometers allow operators to monitor and document a light-curing process.